Shining a Light on Excellence: Make A Will Online’s Journey to the Smee & Ford Legacy Giving Awards

We’re excited to share our latest achievement. Make A Will Online has made it to the shortlist for the prestigious Smee & Ford Legacy Giving Awards 2024. This nomination recognizes our commitment to innovation, security, and support in online will-making. You can read more about our offer to charities.

Smee & ford - LGA2024 - Finalist - Strategic Will Provider 2024
Smee & ford – LGA2024 – Finalist – Strategic Will Provider 2024

Driving Standards in Will Making

Our team sets the Gold Standard with a solicitor-led approach. Every will reflects precision, legal integrity, and personal touch. This ensures peace of mind for users and supports their chosen charities.

Partnering for Protection

We’ve partnered with Capacity Vault to safeguard legacy gifts. This collaboration protects charity gifts in wills from challenges. It boosts confidence for both users and charities.

Making Legacy Giving Accessible

We believe in accessible legacy giving for everyone. Our transparent, subsidized fees and user-friendly platform remove barriers. This allows more people to support their chosen causes without worry.

Tailoring the Experience

We customize support for every user’s unique wishes. With solicitor feedback and free legal guidance, we offer a seamless, tailored experience.

Building a Community with the Legacy Loop

The Legacy Loop is our community-focused initiative. It empowers charities and supporters to build sustainable legacy campaigns. This enhances the impact of their contributions.

Celebrating Our Achievements

Our shortlisting at the awards highlights our innovations and the positive impact we’ve made in the charity sector. Our recognized partnership with Capacity Vault and our commitment to support and customization set new industry standards.

MaWO at S&FLGA2023 Oliver & Marie
The Make a Will Online Team at last year’s awards – Marie centre left, Oliver centre right.

Looking Forward

We remain focused on our mission: making legacy giving impactful for everyone. We’re building bridges between individuals and their passions. Together, we’re creating lasting change, one will at a time.

Join Our Mission

Explore the possibilities with Make A Will Online. Whether leaving a gift in your will or seeking to protect your legacy, we’re here to guide you. Let’s create a legacy of change together. Get in touch with us today