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If you would rather make a will over a video or voice call, book an appointment with the team below…

If you have uncomplicated wishes, a basic will via telephone or video call is a great way to get peace of mind.

For more complex wishes, including trusts, power of attorney and inheritance tax advice, our professionals will be able to give you the advice to ensure you are able to choose a suitable solution for you and your loved ones.

Whichever type of appointment you book, there is a non-refundable £25 deposit, which is deducted from the final price of your estate planning.

Answer this short set of questions below so that we can direct you to the right service for your personal situation…

I will be making my will for myself. Nobody else will be helping me make decisions on the call:

Please note: For a pair of wills each person will give instructions themselves and on their own

My current personal situation is…
I only own property in the UK:
I am able to give instructions over the telephone and read draft documents that are sent to me myself without external help:
I don’t need any complex trusts e.g. tax planning or asset protection.
I am happy to pay an attendance deposit of £25.
Make Your Will Online