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Make a Will Online offers superb-value pairs of wills. Once you have entered your details for the first will, you will have the chance to add a second document for just £30 extra. This option is perfect for married couples or civil partners.

Why we offer “a pair of wills” or “mirror wills”

You can either make a pair of wills or mirrored wills.

The difference is that, for a pair of wills you will enter completely new information for the second will, while a mirror will reflects the information entered for the first will. However, some information must be re-entered on a mirrored will, for example the name of the testator (the person making the will), funerary instructions (burial, cremation, etc) and any individual gifts (specific legacies).

With a pair of wills or mirror wills, each individual knows their personal wishes are protected.

Why we don’t offer “joint wills”

A “joint will” or “joint wills” is a single document that contains the wishes of two people – often husband and wife or civil partners. When one partner dies, they are bound to the document they created with the deceased partner. Circumstances can change over time, but the surviving partner must keep following the instructions of the document they created. If this is what you are looking for, contact a traditional solicitor.