Do I need to make a will after getting married?

Short answer: probably

When you marry, your legal status changes. Marriage automatically cancels (or “revokes”) your existing will (unless it specifically states otherwise). Most wills do not state otherwise, so you should be ready to make a new one as soon as possible after marrying or entering a civil partnership.

The months before your wedding can be hectic, with so much planning for the big day, but making a will should be on your list of “things to do” shortly after the event. After marriage revokes your existing will, and if you do not create a new one the intestacy rules apply. This won’t necessarily follow your wishes.

Update your will or create a new will whenever your circumstances change. It’s important. For example: update your will when you marry, enter a civil partnership, get divorced or dissolve your civil partnership. Also when you have children or suffer a close bereavement. 

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