Gifts in wills for charities – getting it right… or wrong

In our most recent Gifts in Wills Academy seminar we addressed three key considerations when planning a free wills campaign. You can watch our full seminar below.

The three key points are:

  • Professional Oversight
  • Ethics
  • Testamentary Capacity

The take-home messages were:

  • Ensure that any providers of legal services are qualified and regulated – through either the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Society of Will Writers or Institute of Professional Will Writers;
  • Understand how your supporters are monetised – many suppliers re-sell other services or products to your supporters e.g. funeral cover, insurance or additional legal services;
  • Make sure any gifts left to you are protected from challenge e.g. testamentary capacity, undue influence or fraud.

You can watch our full seminar here:

Video: online wills – getting it right… or wrong

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