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People increasingly live their life online. You may not have a box of old letters and photos. You will have an email account and photos saved on social media though. The terms and conditions of most providers mean that you don’t actually own these once they’ve been uploaded. Sharing a password could breach the terms and conditions. Read this short non-exhaustive guide on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to your life online:

DO – set up your Facebook /Instagram legacy contact.

DO – set up a Google Inactive Account manager if you have gmail – or use an alternative for other providers.

DO – set up a password vault that your executors can access if they need to.

As for the things you should avoid doing:

DON’T – list your passwords on your will (your will becomes a public document after probate is granted)

DON’T – put confidential information or passwords anywhere that they could be found or intercepted (e.g. emails)

DON’T – forget to leave a list of any valuable data and how to access it – e.g. Bitcoin stored in a USB safe.