It has never been easier to make an online will...

Despite this, half of people over 45 in England and Wales don't have valid last will and testament. This can lead to unecessary heartache and stress for loved ones. We offer an online wills service where you can write your will in around 20 minutes and have it emailed to you directly.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a solicitor present to make a will, but it is very important that the document should be drafted correctly. Our online wills have been designed in partnership with an experienced solicitor according to longstanding legal precedents. Our expert team check all finished documents and will contact you in the case of any problems. 

With a will from, you can rest assured that your loved ones will be provided for according to your wishes should anything happen to you.

Make a professionally checked will online

There are many advantages to our will writing service

Value - our service is significantly cheaper than visiting a solicitor. With many solicitors in England and Wales charging upwards of £200 to make a simple will, you will make a great saving by making a will online.

Security - once your will has been completed it will be checked by our expert team, who will contact you if there are any potential problems. We also carry £1,000,000 liability insurance for your protection.

Review and confirm - before you make any payment, you will have the chance to review and edit all of the information you enter.

We accept all major credit and debit cards:

Convenience - it is quick and easy to make a will online. You can create the document at any time of day, for example during your lunchbreak. If you prepare thoroughly before starting the process by gathering the names and addresses of anyone mentioned as an executor or benficiary in the will, the process can take as little as fifteen minutes. You would need to gather this information together however you choose to write your will.

Login and finish your will later - if you don't finish your will today, you can login securely using a link that we will send to the email address you provide.

Pair of wills option - for just £10 more than a single will, you can make a pair of wills. This is ideal for a husband and wife, for example.

Please note online wills are not suitable for every situation. We recommend that estates involving large sums of money, property trusts or farmland should be dealt with by a qualified solicitor. Any property held overseas may be dealt with according to the law of that country.

Making a will is the only way to ensure that your possessions go to your loved ones when you die. Don't delay taking this important step in your life.