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At Make a Will Online we cater for customers of all ages. This procedure document sets out the standards that all customers using our services can expect.

1. Consideration and Respect.

Treating customers who are elderly or vulnerable and their families and representatives with additional consideration is essential. We aim to be sympathetic and sensitive to their concerns, ensuring our company and staff treat them with dignity, kindness, and respect at all times.

2.  Privacy.  

Considering the sensitive nature of the advice we provide, we will ask customers (especially those who may be elderly or vulnerable) to speak with us alone. However, we understand some customers may prefer a trusted friend or relative to be present, and we’ll try to accommodate this request. At some point, we may need a private meeting, but we’ll ensure the customer feels at ease and understands the necessity.

3.  Transparent Records.  

We will make a record of customer calls and we will email a copy of this to the customer afterwards where possible. If a customer chooses to have someone with them or to not to have anyone else present, we document and confirm this decision as well.

4.  Comprehensive Records.  

All relevant facts from meetings and calls are noted in our records, ensuring transparency and accuracy in our interactions with customers.

5.  Appropriate Communication.  

When our customers don’t speak English as their first language or have difficulty hearing or seeing, we recommend taking reasonable steps such as using an independent interpreter, a person they trust to help them understand the discussions, a screen reader or voice to text device as appropriate.

6.  Clear Communication.  

Whenever legal terminology is used, we take care to ensure our customers understand everything before proceeding, ensuring their comfort and comprehension.

7.  Communication Needs.  

We take steps to be aware of any potential capacity or physical limitations our customers may have such as hearing, or visual impairment. We consider these factors during calls and communication with older customers.

8.  Tailored Communication.  

We can produce correspondence and documentation in large print or audio format if necessary. Each call’s pace and duration are aligned with the individual needs of our customers.

9.  Convenient Communication.  

All of our communications with customers is through our website, by telephone, video conference or by email. We will consider our customers’ preferences and means that they prefer to engage with us when responding to them.

10.  Sensitivity to ID Requirements.  

We understand that customers who are elderly or vulnerable may feel uneasy if they do not have up-to-date or valid identification documents such as passports or driving licences. We take extra care to ensure compliance with money laundering requirements while avoiding any embarrassment for our customers.

11. Attorney ID.  

We ask anyone signing as an attorney for our customer to provide proof of their identification.