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To ensure that your wishes are carried out diligently you should review your will every time you go through a major life change, or in any event every 3-5 years.  Major life changes include births, bereavements, marriage, divorce or moving house.

If your situation or your needs have changed you should update your will [LINK:/update-will].

Please also consider always whether your will is likely to be challenged by someone. Challenges to wills are particularly common when someone who might expect to inherit (usually a family member or partner) is not remembered in the will.

A legal challenge can be made on all sorts of grounds including fraudundue influence or mental capacity.  The challenge can be made even if these do not apply. Challenges can be upsetting and time consuming for those you leave behind.

To mitigate against the chance of a will being successfully challenged you can seek an appointment with a traditional solicitor.