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Help the causes you care about by leaving a charitable gift in your will. This ensures that charities in England and Wales can keep doing their essential work.

How to leave a gift in a will

Gifts in Wills are vital for most charities. There are two ways to remember a charity in your will:

  • A residuary gift is a percentage of your estate.
  • A specific gift is a fixed amount of money

Who can give

Anyone can leave a charitable gift in their will. If a cause matters to you, this is your opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

How much to give

There is no fixed answer to this: you can leave as much as you want after taking care of your family and dependents. This could be 25%, 10% or whatever you want.

Remember a Charity brings together 200 charities who rely on gifts in wills to continue their good work. Remember A Charity Week is an opportunity for everyone to take a moment to consider leaving a gift to charity in their will, after looking after family and friends.