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Dealing with vehicles after a death

Learn how to inform the DVLA after a death, value and sell a vehicle or transfer ownership, and deal with MOT, tax and insurance.

Probate Directory

A directory of useful contacts to help executors and administrators with completing the probate process.

Arranging a funeral

A step-by-step guide to arranging a loved one's funeral, from registering the death to choosing the right type of funeral.

Do I need to pay inheritance tax?

Learn about Inheritance Tax (IHT) thresholds and exemptions, and calculating and paying inheritance tax when administering an estate.

Deed of Variation: Changing a will after death

Discover how to change a will or the intestacy rules after someone's passing by making a deed of variation.

What is an executor?

Learn about what is and who can be an executor, and their role and responsibilities when dealing with an estate after a death.

I’m an executor. Do I have to act?

Explore your options for acting as executor, or renouncing, reserving or delegating your duties if you don't want to act.

Rules of intestacy

Learn who inherits under the rules of intestacy and who deals with an estate when there's no will, and what assets you can inherit.

Insolvent estates

Understand what it means when dealing with insolvent estates, how to pay the debts, and how to protect yourself as an executor.

What to do after the death of a spouse or civil partner

Our guide to dealing with the death of a spouse or civil partner and their estate, and whether you will need Probate.

Dealing with overseas assets after death

Discover what steps to take when handling overseas assets after a death. Learn about succession laws, domicile and inheritance tax.

What to do when a business owner dies

A guide to managing an estate when a business owner dies, covering business assets, debts, probate and inheritance tax.
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