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Online wills are an excellent way to ensure your wishes are properly set out in a simple will. There will be occasions when you have needs that go beyond those of a simple will. In these cases you can speak with a traditional “high street” solicitor, or possibly a more specialist lawyer if your situation requires it.

Please consider speaking with a traditional solicitor if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • If you already have a relationship with a solicitor or if you would be more comfortable speaking with someone face to face rather than making an online will;
  • If you think that your will may be challenged by someone in the future;
  • If your estate exceeds the inheritance tax threshold and you want to mitigate the amount of tax payable – please note that if you are an unmarried couple this could be particularly relevant;
  • If you or anyone else has concerns (real or imagined) about your mental capacity;
  • Some other situation that would give you or your beneficiaries greater peace of mind.

To speak to a traditional solicitor please use the link above to search for a solicitor in your area who has the relevant necessary specialisms.  Once you’ve identified a selection you can pick up the phone and talk to them.  You should get a feeling fairly quickly if they are the right solicitor for you.  Nowadays it is quite common for solicitors to have an initial consultation for free before you have to commit to pay for their time or buy a will from them.