Why Make A Will?

  • Because if you don’t make a will, you have no say in how your estate is divided
  • Because the intestacy rules can cause some unpleasant surprises
  • Because managing an estate is slower and  more costly without a will
  • Because intestacy makes a hard time even harder for the people that matter most to you
  • Because it costs just £29.50 for a single will or £39.50 for a pair of wills
  • Because it takes less than 30 minutes of your time
  • Because it gives you peace of mind
  • Because you can ensure that those who matter to you are provided for

Making a will may not be glamorous, but it is one of the most important documents you will ever write. That’s why it’s important to choose experts like makeawillonline.co.uk for your will. Not only are our wills great value, but they are comprehensive legal documents designed in partnership with an experienced solicitor according to long-standing legal precedents.

With Make a Will Online you are in safe hands.