Get Gifts in Wills – and a cash injection!

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Our charity partners now have the choice on how to help supporters leave gifts in wills. You can run a subsidised free wills campaign, or get a cash donation every time a supporter makes a will.

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Free Wills Campaign:

Run a “free wills” campaign for a subsidised fixed fee of £29.50 for a single will or £39.50 for a pair.   Control your spend with our budgeting tools. You can dictate your monthly spend for your free online wills campaign. This should take you less than 15 minutes to set up once you’ve made the decision to proceed.

Wills Donations Campaign – get £20 when a supporter makes a will:

Alternatively with a single click of the mouse you can have a “wills donations” campaign. Supporters pay the usual fee for a solicitor checked will: £60 for a single or £90 for a pair of wills.  You will get all the benefits of our analytics. Each time a supporter leaves a gift in their will you will know about it. Each time a supporter completes a purchase we will give you a donation of £20

Gifts in Wills

Charity supporters leave more than £3bn in wills each year. We want you to maximise your fundraising success. We make it easier than ever for supporters to leave a gift in their will.  On average 1/3 of supporters want like to leave a gift to a charity in their will. Only 8% get around to it.  

You can track your charity’s legacy trends and strategy performance with our analytical reporting. A unique tool which gives you access – free of charge – to your charity’s real-time legacy data. 

You can customise messages your supporters see whilst they make their wills. You’ll also get access to our marketing tools to help get your message out in the right way. Again: free of charge!

This can all be done at no risk to you or your charity.  There are no tie-ins, hidden costs or minimum terms.  You can choose the way to run your campaign and receive a cash donations when a supporters make a will.

About Make a Will Online’s Gifts in Wills Charity Scheme

You benefit benefit from all of the analytics, data and training that we provide using either option.  You can report successes in real time and use our data to improve your comms.  Your supporters get excellent value and peace of mind.  You always have the option to switch between “Free Wills” and “Wills Donations” campaigns. 

A typical gift in a will was £24,000 in 2019. A slight increase in gifts in wills can transform your charity.

Our tried and tested industry-leading solicitor-run service means your supporters wills are checked by our qualified solicitors giving peace of mind to your supporters and yourselves.  We are the only online provider that makes sure every wills is checked by a fully qualified solicitor.

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