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Sometimes people are surprised that the will doesn’t list everything you own.  This is because we don’t want you to have to update your will every time you change bank accounts or buy or sell and investment. Everything you own is automatically treated as part of your residuary estate unless you leave a specific gift.

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If you do have multiple types of assets (bank account, shares, property, others) then it is helpful for executors to have a list of your assets.  The contents of this list of assets will not be published as part of the application for probate whereas the will is published. That is why you should never put passwords or full bank account details on the will itself.

The same rules apply here as for a letter of wishes and you can sometimes combine the two documents.  Please make sure the list isn’t stapled, paperclipped, stuck to or attached to the Will in any way.

You can update your list of assets as often as you like. You can also provide instructions to your executors about any logins and passwords.