Gifts in Wills Fundraising Online: Press Release

How can you tell local and national news about your campaign?

Your press release – tell the world about your campaign

An effective media launch can change your gifts in wills campaign for the better. Is your cause local, regional or national? Press releases are more effective then paid advertising. They are also free.

When done properly they can be an effective way to educate your supporters and potential supporters. Let them know the who, why and how of your gifts in wills campaign.


Total gifted in wills to charities each year £3bn People in England and Wales without a will 68%

1. Recipients

Relevant local and national press outlets including traditional and online newspapers, blogs and special interest journals. Don’t know who to contact? Look at the website of the target outlets for the contact section.  Alternatively use networking sites such as LinkedIn to search for journalists.  If you have a higher budget or access there are paid for PR databases such as or

You can draft your own or use the following structure which has been set out by our in-house communications specialist.

2. Title – clear, catchy and no more than [30] characters

Be clear and concise.

3. Subheading – [90] characters or one line max

You can personalise the message here. Perhaps use your charity’s campaign-specific message.

4. Content:

Include the following paragraphs.  Keep sentences short.  Ensure the content is relevant.  Bear the following in mind:

  • Who is doing something?
  • What are you doing?
  • Where are you doing it?
  • When will you do it?
  • Why are you doing it?
  • How will it affect people?

Paragraph 1 (context):


[Charity Name] today announced a new partnership with This partnership will [goal of partnership to supporters]. [Core message about gifts in wills].

Paragraph 2 (detail):


Supporters of [Charity Name] who want to leave a gift in their will can now make a will online.  Supporters can find out more and conveniently and securely leave a gift in their will in minutes.

Paragraph 3 (quote from charity – this is really important so keep it interesting and relevant – explain why this is good for supporters):

“[Quote about gifts in wills from CEO/ Trustee/ Patron]” says [name], [title/ position] at [charity]. “[Additional quote about charity]”

Paragraph 4 (quote from Make a Will Online):

“[Quote from Make a Will Online – email or for this]”

Paragraph 5 (where people can find more details)


To find out more go to [link to your charity’s gifts in wills page] or go to [contact]

Closing info and contact for more info

About your charity – [insert a couple of lines].

About Since 2008, Make a Will Online has made legal services more accessible, making thousands of solicitor-checked online wills every year. They work with charities across England and Wales to support charitable gifts in wills.  Contact

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