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Charitable Gifts in Wills a video guide

Gifts in wills are the fastest growing area of fundraising, and a free wills campaign can strengthen your charity for generations to come.

Gifts in Wills for charities

Make it easy for your donors to leave a gift in their will Our online will-writing service for charities puts you in control of your gifts in wills campaign.

Gifts in Wills Online: Ethics

The benefits of an effective gifts in wills fundraising campaign can be enormous.

Gifts in Wills Online: Five Things To Do Before You Start Your Campaign

Make a Will Online lets charities to offer free wills to supporters who are interested in leaving a gift in their will.

Gifts in Wills Online: How to Fundraise

The rewards of gifts in wills fundraising are substantial, with over £3bn gifted through gifts in wills annually.

Gifts in Wills Post Covid

We explore some of the changes in fundraising that occurred in early 2020. In this brave new world a strong gifts in wills message secures the future of a charity.

Gifts in Wills: Compliance with Fundraising Regulator

Following the Olive Cooke tragedy the Fundraising Regulator for the UK was created.  The Fundraising Regulator provides help and guidance on a number of topics including gifts in wills fundraising.

Gifts in Wills: Why Make a Will Online?

We work with charities of all sizes to help supporters leave gifts in wills.  Around a third of people say they want to leave a gift in their will.

Remembering a charity in your will

Gifts left in wills are one of the major sources of income for UK-based charities.

Gifts in Wills supporter journey video

In this video we show how we help supporters make a will and remember you with a residuary and/ or pecuniary gift and a collection in memory.

Gifts in Wills charity interface video

This video shows how you can personalise messages to your supporters through the will making process.

Gifts in Wills pricing video

This video explains our low risk and affordable pricing structure. Wills cost £40 each. There's no tie-ins and no other nasty surprises. Ever.
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