How we help charities get more gifts in wills by making use of Google Ad Grants

What are Google Ad Grants?

Since 2016 Google has provided charities and not for profit organisations with a leg up when it comes to improving online visibility.  Google does this by providing qualifying organisations with up to $10,000 free credit per month for a Google Ads campaign.

The process of getting approved should take a few weeks.

How to apply

To check your eligibility for the scheme take a look at Google’s guide here.  You’ll need to be verified as a bona-fide charity or cause by Google’s UK partner Charity Digital Exchange before Google will accept your application.

Once you’re up and running your charity grant Ads account will look pretty much like any other Ads account.  You can use the credit for anything that will further the cause of your charity.  This can be information as well as sharing fundraising messages. Any commercial activity (e.g. selling) must be strictly compliant with Google’s rules.

If you’re having trouble with any aspect of sign up with Charity Digital Exchange, or with the Google Grants process let us know – you can reach us here.

How we can help

If you have experience running Google Ads accounts you will understand how to get the system up and running.  Our team has extensive experience with messages around wills so we’d be happy to help hone your campaign messages, search terms and keywords.

If you don’t have experience running Google Ads accounts we have accredited Ads Certified Professionals on our team.  We can set up your campaign and discuss with you how to best communicate with your supporters.  We will set up your Ads account to maximise the number of gifts in wills you receive from existing or potential supporters.

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