Do you need a solicitor present to write a will?

You do not need a solicitor present to write a will, which is why you can make a fully legal will online at our site. You can be confident that any document created with our will writing technology will be legally binding once it has been correctly witnessed.

There are two main reasons that people a solicitor. Firstly, a solicitor has the necessary expertise to ensure that your wishes are expressed in “legalese”. Secondly, solicitors carry professional liability insurance to cover any potential problems resulting from the document.

The downside of using a solicitor is that their services can prove expensive, especially if you are writing a standard document, with no complicated legacies. The vast majority of wills are relatively simple documents, which is why will writing kits and making a will online are increasingly popular options.

Circumstances where we would recommend visiting a solicitor:

If you own property, or any other immovable assets, anywhere other than England and Wales, you should speak to a solicitor experienced in dealing with the laws of that country.

If you own a farm.

If you are not a British citizen and your permanent home is not in England or Wales.

If your estate totals over £1,000,000, we recommend that you see a solicitor and/or IHT expert as they will be able to help with your tax liability.

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