Leave a gift to a charity in your will

Gifts left in wills are one of the major sources of income for UK-based charities. But while almost three quarters of people in Britain support charities, less than one in ten leave a charitable gift in their last will and testament.

Our service allows you to assign a gift of any size to a charity of your choice. You can either give a specific gift to a charity, normally a sum of money, or you can make the charity a residuary beneficiary.

Some people choose to make the charity into a backup residuary beneficiary in the case that there are no living relatives to inherit an estate.

The UK’s charitable sector currently receives around £3 billion a year from legacies.

We work with dozens of charities in England and Wales to help them raise funds for their causes. If you work for a charity and are interested in our service, see the links below for more information.

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