How to leave different percentages to your "alternative arrangement" beneficiaries

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How to leave different percentages to “alternative arrangement” beneficiaries

Sometimes you want to leave everything to someone when you die. But if they’ve died before you, that gift needs to be split between different people, not in equal shares.

This is something we are asked about regularly, and the good news is you can make these arrangements easily with Make a Will Online.

The example below shows how to leave 100% to your spouse, but if they die before you, 50% to your child and 25% to each grandchild.

  1. Create multiple gifts – all to your primary beneficiary.

    Following the example above (50%, 25%, 25%) you would create three gifts – each to your spouse. At first, you will see the share listed as “equal”. Don’t worry, we will fix that in a minute.

    Three gifts: each to the same person

  2. Use the “+add alternative arrangements” option on each gift.

    In the example above you will name your child and grandchilden as alternative beneficiaries – one each in the 3 gifts. You can use the fourth option on the menu to name each beneficiary. Remember: only one alternative beneficiary should be named in each gift. Click “add” then “save” once you’ve put their details in.

    "Add Alternative Arrangement

  3. Set the percentages that each beneficiary gets.

    At the bottom of the list of gifts you’ll see the option to “I wish to specify uneven shares”. Click the box and you can then edit the shares that each beneficiary receives.

    "I wish to specify uneven shares"

  4. Save the changes you have made

    Check the percentages add up to 100% then click “save my share proportions”

    Gifts with uneven shares

  5. Make sure you check the gifts on the Summary Screen

    Before completing the purchase please check to make sure that everything is in order. If it isn’t you can go back and edit the gifts.

    Summary screen showing uneven shares