How to give your supporters the best landing page experience for gifts in wills

Every click is precious. Any supporter reading your gifts in wills landing page is interested in leaving a gift to you in their will.

You have worked hard getting your supporter to your landing page. Make sure they know what to do next.

Drive success in your gifts in wills campaign through a clear and positive landing page experience!

What is a gifts in wills website landing page?

This is the page that your supporters will see when they want to know more about leaving a gift in their will. You should direct all your gifts in wills pledger prospects to this page. It should be linked to from your homepage (under “support us” or “get involved”), you should link to your landing page from your newsletters, emails and social media campaigns.

Your gifts in wills landing page should be easy for supporters to find with a short, memorable URL – for example:


We provide each of our partners with some suggested Fundraising Regulator compliant wording. Using this means that you have an audit trail showing that every supporter who comes through your landing page to make a will has seen this Fundraising Regulator compliant wording.

Launching your gifts in wills landing page should take you 15-30 minutes once you have made the decision to go ahead.

Please see below for images and inspiration for landing page layout.

What does my landing page need to do?

Your landing page needs to make it as easy as possible for your supporters to take the next step in their journey to leave a gift to you in their will.

You should make key next steps very visible and “clickable”. Put a large, accessible button near the very top of the page inviting your supporters to make a will.

See an example landing page here (opens in new tab).

Make it big and bold. Put it near the top of the page (no more than 1 or 2 paragraphs down). Add another button next to it for more information. This can go to another page with further details of the importance of gifts in wills to your charity, a link to your Annual Report and suppoter stories. Make sure this page also has a visible button to help the supporters make their wills.

What should my landing page say?

Supporters who are reading your gifts in wills page are interested in leaving a gift to you. You need to help your supporters who want to leave a gift in their will take the next step. You should make at least two options very visible:

  1. An action to make their will there and then; link to campaign and
  2. An option to learn more about gifts in wills and your charity.

You need to ensure that the rest of the Fundraising Compliant content that we have suggested is visible on your homepage. This includes the following which ensures your page will be legally complaint:

  • When to consider using a traditional solicitor to make a will. Points to consider (wealth/capacity/preference);
  • How to contact a traditional solicitor if the supporter doesn’t already have one;
  • Details of the information that we share with you and the alternative option to make a will online without sharing this information;
  • Full registered charity details.

We provide you with full text covering all these points once you decide to use our service.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 0207 193 2747 or at

You can download Make a Will Online logos for use on your landing page.