How we help charities with industry leading supporter service, analytics and delivery.

We work with charities of all sizes to help supporters leave gifts in wills.  Around a third of people say they want to leave a gift in their will.  Fewer than one in ten people die having realised that wish.  Many people who want to leave a gift never get round to writing a will at all!

We started helping people get peace of mind of making a will in 2008.  We want to help your supporters do this too.  We can also give you accurate and up-to-the-minute information on when supporters are making wills and how much they are leaving.  This lets you report successes within your charity and you can also see what messages your supporters are responding to.

Our research with our charity partners, supporters and users shows that more people are moving online to make their wills.  More charities are using us to help their supporters too.  The main reasons are: our focus on supporter care and our focus on making things effective and low risk for you.

People wanting to leave a gift 36% People in England and Wales without a will 68% People dying with a gift in their will 8%

Your supporters, our solicitors, their peace of mind

Industry leading service:

We make sure that every supporter gets industry leading support throughout the process.  Our solicitors work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your supporters’ peace of mind.  We are the only provider to have consent from the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority.  We received this in 2019 after the SRA did a deep analysis of our business and agreed that our services improved legal service provision to the public in an innovative and safe way.

Read more about our solicitor services and authorisation.

Here’s how we use our solicitors to ensure your supporters’ peace of mind

  • Solicitor helpline: – Your supporters can contact us at any time. If the question is of a legal nature their response will be from a solicitor.
  • No paid referrals: – We do not refer your supporters to third party specialists. All legal advice is provided by us directly at no extra cost. Your supporter won’t end up with legal bill when they thought they were getting a free will from you.
  • Solicitor check: – Every will is checked by a fully qualified solicitor. Your supporters get individual feedback on their wills.
  • Updates and after-care: – Your supporters can make updates to their will following feedback from a solicitor or if they realise they’ve forgotten something. Every update is also checked by a fully qualified solicitor.
  • Insurance and industry body membership: – We are members of the Society of Will Writers and we hold £2m indemnity insurance for your supporters’ peace of mind.

What do your supporters think of our service?

Your supporters’ thoughts on our service are available for all to see through our Trustpilot page.  Every supporter is invited to leave feedback either directly to us or for the public.

You can see our five star rating here.

Low risk and high effectiveness for our charity partners:

Communication about gifts in wills has to be long term and it has to be sustainable.  To achieve this we make sure that our campaigns are de-risked for our charity partners.  We do this at the same time as ensuring that you get great rewards for any efforts you make with your supporters.

How do we keep our service low risk?

  • Industry leading quality of service for supporters: – see above for how we make sure your supporters get the best peace of mind.
  • Transparent pricing: – You only ever pay for wills that your supporters complete.  No minimum purchases. No hidden fees. No setup costs.
  • Affordable and capped fees: – The cost of a will for a charity is capped at £29.50 for a single and just £10 for a second will where a pair of supporters make wills together.  You can set your budget so there will never be any surprises at the end of a month.
  • No fees to access full stats: – We track your supporters’ response to your messages and we make sure that is available to you always and for free.
  • Fundraising Regulator compliant: – Our processes are FR compliant and we make sure that you are given the best help and guidance throughout.  See here for more details.

How do we ensure you get the best information and success?

  • Unique personalised front page: – You can personalise your supporters’ journey through our website at key points including welcome, thank you and prompts to your supporters to leave gifts.
  • Prompts throughout: – Cut out the space for error with automated prompts for your supporters to leave us gifts throughout the process. Residuary gifts, legacies and a prompt for a collection in memory so your supporter can best help you after they’ve gone.
  • High success rates: – Because of the design of our system around 85% of wills made through our partner charities include a gift to our partner.


We care for your supporters as well as possible. We ensuring that you, your colleagues and trustees are in control throughout the process. With this combination we give you the confidence to keep communicating with your supporters. Your supporters get the best peace of mind knowing they’ve made their wills and ensured the success of their favourite charity for future generations.