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In this video we show how we help supporters make a will and remember you with a residuary and/ or pecuniary gift and a collection in memory.

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Gifts in wills – supporter journey

When marketing to younger donors it is again important to educate and inspire people to leave gifts.  The subject of a person’s mortality can always be sensitive but it is not a concern as immediate as it may be for people of more advanced years.  The aims for a campaign aimed at younger people will be to get them to make a gift but can also be to get them to make a will in the first place. Up to 1/3 of people die without a will, this proportion increases as age decreases.  A gift in a person’s first will is likely to carry itself forward into future iterations of a will when it is rewritten (e.g. upon marriage/ house purchase etc).  The first thing a solicitor will ask is usually to see the previous will and carry information forward where appropriate.

Either a younger or older donor could be turned into a mouthpiece for your campaign if it is well structured, and could lead to a “viral” effect, with an evangelist for your campaign (or legacy donations in general) informing and encouraging others to make a will and remember a charity in it.

Any  fundraiser will tell you that gifts in wills fundraising is tough.  It requires a lot of sustained effort and the fruits of the labour or effectiveness of a campaign can be very difficult to track.  A fundraiser typically does not know whether a gift has been generated, and will not find out whether a campaign has been successful for an indeterminate amount of time.  The system at has been tailored to provide a fundraiser with metrics vital to measuring success of effort put into a campaign.  A fundraiser will know who has made a will, when that will was made, and the amount of any legacy gift.

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