Free wills for supporters, priceless insights for charities

This video explains our low risk and affordable pricing structure. Wills cost £40 each. There’s no tie-ins and no other nasty surprises. Ever.

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Gifts in wills – pricing

Gifts in wills are the fastest growing area of fundraising: more than doubling to £2.6bn over the last 10 years.  More and more charities are being remembered in wills. Having a free wills campaign strengthens your charity for generations to come.

Make a Will Online offers the highest quality, solicitor-checked wills to your supporters. It is also the most affordable and lowest-risk provider of free wills campaigns to charities.

Our service is accessible, low risk, and scalable for all charities.  We only ever charge on a pay-per-will basis and all assistance/analytics is included.

Our fees are £40 per will. After paying a small setup fee, there is no minimum spend.  If your supporters make no wills in any given month you will not be charged.

We have a “budget” tool so you can set a maximum spend in any given month if you choose to. This will avoid any surprises or cash-flow issues if your gifts in wills campaign is unexpectedly successful.

All analytics and personalisation is included in the per-will cost.

In summary:

Make a Will Online provides the very highest service to your supporters with solicitor-advice available.  It is extremely quick to set up (it should take you less than 20 minutes once you’ve made the decision to proceed).  It is also the most affordable and low-risk offer in the marketplace with no tie-ins, contracts and with a fixed fee per will.

For more information please email us at or call 0207 193 2747.

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