Free wills for supporters, priceless insights for charities

Welcome to our charitable Gifts in Wills platform.

Gifts in wills are the fastest growing area of fundraising, and a free wills campaign can strengthen your charity for generations to come.

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Gifts in wills – an introduction

We developed our system to help our charity partners get more Gifts in Wills and understand when and why supporters are leaving Gifts in Wills.

We build a bespoke section of our website for each of our charity partners where supporters can make a will as part of your Free Wills Campaign.

Throughout the process your supporters will see messages from you as well as prompts to make Gifts in Wills to your charity.

Whenever a supporter leaves a gift in a will using our system you will be automatically informed about the gift.

Also: where the supporter gives consent you will be given their name and contact details so you can say “thank you”.

Our system allows you to:

Get more gifts in wills;

  • Know who your Gifts in Wills donors are;
  • See successes in your campaigns when gifts are pledged (not when a supporter sadly passes away);
  • Immediately report these successes to your managers/ CEO/ trustees; and
  • Understand in real time what fundraising messages your supporters are responding to.

In this video we will cover your supporter’s journey to making a will, the information and analytics, and explain why our charging structure makes Make a Will Online the highest quality and lowest risk option for your Free Wills campaign.

Make a Will Online provides the very highest service to your supporters with solicitor-advice available. It is extremely quick to set up (it should take you less than 20 minutes once you’ve made the decision to proceed). It is also the most affordable and low risk offer in the marketplace with no tie-ins, contracts and with a fixed fee per will.


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