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Free wills for supporters, priceless insights for charities

This video shows how you can personalise messages to your supporters through the will making process.

You can also get real-time feedback on when your supporters are making wills.  You can report campaign success immediately and you can see what messages your supporters are acting on.

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Gifts in wills - charity interface

In this video we will talk you through your supporter’s journey of making a will and leaving you a gift in that will.

Gifts in wills are the fastest growing area of fundraising: more than doubling to £2.6bn over the last 10 years.  More and more charities are being remembered in wills. Having a free wills campaign strengthens your charity for generations to come.

Make a Will Online offers the highest quality, solicitor-checked wills to your supporters. It is also the most affordable and lowest-risk provider of free wills campaigns to charities.

We’re here to ensure that every adult can get the peace of mind of having a full legal, solicitor-checked will. Your supporters find out about your free wills campaign either through their own research on your site, your newsletters, social media, events or your other communication channels.

We will provide you with Fundraising Regulator compliant wording so when they find the “gifts in wills” section of your website they’ll see information about the following:

  • Your free wills campaign with Make a Will Online;
  • Advice on how to arrange a face-to-face meeting with an independent solicitor (and when to do this);
  • Any other free wills campaigns you run.

When a supporter chooses to Make a Will Online they will be taken to a bespoke part of our website.  You can tailor the messages your supporters see through our charity interface.

Your supporter will go through our usual simple quick and effective will making process, but they will be prompted to think about leaving a gift to your charity at key points including: residuary gifts, specific legacy pledges and in memory collections in their funeral wishes.

When they complete the will making process three things happen:

  1. They will see your “thank you” message and be invited to leave a cash donation to cover the cost of the will (should they choose to and be able to afford to);
  2. Our solicitors are sent the will to check and provide feedback to your supporter. Your supporter can update the will up to three times absolutely free;
  3. The will is sent to your supporter so they can sign and have it witnessed.

If a supporter has a question at any time during the process they can call our helplines and speak to a solicitor where necessary – absolutely free (i.e. no charge to you or to them).  We do not refer your supporters to any “partner” or “panel” law firms and we do not receive any extra money for this.

Make a Will Online provides the very highest service to your supporters with solicitor-advice available.  It is extremely quick to set up (it should take you less than 20 minutes once you’ve made the decision to proceed).  It is also the most affordable and low risk offer in the marketplace with no tie-ins, contracts and with a fixed fee per will.

Trusted since 2008

Unlike other online will services, every single will produced on our website is checked by a fully qualified UK solicitor. We are allowed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to provide will-writing services.

We are members of the Society of Will Writers, and follow their code of conduct. This ensures protection for our customers and your donors.

We make 1000s of wills every year and have excellent customer feedback.

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Registered with the Fundraising Regulator for your peace of mind


Proud members of the Society of Will Writers


Qualified solicitors available for every charity supporter

Thousands of wills made every year with 'excellent' supporter feedback

Our service delivers gifts in wills throughout the year, providing you with industry-leading return on investment. Let’s talk about how we can work together to make your gifts in wills campaign thrive.